Why should you consider acupuncture for your horse?

1. Drug-Free Pain Management

Acupuncture is very effective at relieving pain caused by arthritis, laminitis, tendon/ligament injuries, sore muscles and other causes of lameness. Acupuncture treatment causes a release of beta-endorphins and other neurotransmitters that can decrease pain and regulate inflammation. In a study of chronic back pain in horses, acupuncture provided significantly greater relief than bute (phenylbutazone)!

2. Calming Effect for Anxious Horses

Trailering and showing can be very stressful events for our equine companions. Whether your horse internalizes this stress, or is the type that wants to jump out of his skin in a new situation, acupuncture can help to calm your horses mind. Happy, relaxed horses perform better and develop fewer gastric ulcers!

3. Immune Function Boosting

Acupuncture helps restore the body to optimal function. Whether recovering from an acute respiratory infection or managing a chronic medical condition such as heaves, acupuncture can be used along side Western medical treatment to speed recovery and improve life quality.

4. The Power of Prevention

By scanning reactive acupuncture points, a veterinarian can help identify subtle issues before they develop into clinical lameness or other serious problems. Regular acupuncture exams and treatment help keep your horse's physiologic systems running smoothly. For example, if your horse suffers from frequent colic episodes, acupuncture provides a tool for preventing the next episode, rather than waiting to treat it when it occurs.

If you are curious how acupuncture could help your horse with a specific problem, Dr. Taryn Rathbone would be happy to provide a free consultation by phone or email to answer your questions.