Whether resolving subtle lameness in the elite performance horse, or managing Cushing's disease in your daughter's pony, acupuncture is a versatile modality with a lot to offer. In addition to treating complex and chronic conditions, it is also a wonderful tool to promote health and prevent disease. Scanning for reactive acupuncture points during an exam can reveal subtle issues before they become large problems. If you are wondering how your horse can benefit from our services, Dr. Rathbone would be happy to answer your questions.

Commonly treated conditions:

Musculoskeletal problems:
    Muscle soreness
    Back pain
    Navicular syndrome
    Degenerative joint disease
    Tendon/ligament injury
    Poor performance


Neurological disorders:
    Laryngeal hemiplagia (roaring)
    Facial nerve paralysis
    Radial nerve paralysis
    Weak hind end

Gastrointestinal disorders:
    Gastric ulcers
    Weight loss
    Recurrent Colic*

Other chronic conditions:
    Heaves/ chronic cough
    Cushing's disease (PPID)
    Metabolic syndrome
    Skin problems
    Uveitis (moon blindness)
    Geriatric weakness
    Behavioral problems

*If your horse is currently experiencing a colic episode, please call your regular vet immediately as this can be a medical emergency!